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The New Jersey Legislature has a site for downloading bills, laws, votes and bill tracking information from the current and past sessions. Please review the read-me file included in each sections top directory. Check out our sites at:



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Bill Tracking Information in Microsoft Access Database Format

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GIS Data

GIS Ready Table and Metadata Record

The Excel table lists New Jersey legislative districts and the members of the New Jersey Senate and General Assmbly elected from each district for the 2012 - 2014 two-year Legislative Session. The table can be joined to New Jersey legislative districts polygon data using the legislatve district ID field. The apporpriate version of the legislative district boundaries to use for this join is that of the 2011 reapportionment (either official, or unofficial, re-projected version). The GIS districts data and districts map were formally approved and released by the New Jersey Apportionment Commission at its April 3, 2011 hearing in Trenton, New Jersey. The New Jersey Office of Information Technology, Office of GIS, created a version of the legislative district boundaries to allow proper overlay with other municipal boundary-based GIS layers in use in New Jersey.

The legislative district GIS files can be downloaded from the following sources:

NJ Apportionment Commission

The Metadata record provides the specifications concering the table's data for GIS users.